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Leave one in my ask.

Dear person I hate,

Dear person I like,

Dear ex boyfriend,

Dear ex girlfriend,

Dear ex bestfriend,

Dear bestfriend,

Dear *anyone*,

Dear Santa,

Dear mom,

Dear dad,

Dear future me,

Dear past me,

Dear person I’m jealous of,

Dear person I had a crush on,

Dear girlfriend,

Dear boyfriend,

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So this is currently whats happening in The Phillippines, these are just a few pictures that were on my timeline.

Prayer For Flood Victims

Lord, I pray for our friends who are trapped in their homes again, seeing their possessions washed away, some of them on their rooftops wet, cold, and hungry. I pray that you be their Rescuer, Provider, Comfort, and Shepherd. I also pray for ministries (like ours) who are now reaching out to the victims, that you give us the opportunity to be God’s Love to them at this hour of need. In Jesus name, Amen!

I’m a Filipino and as much as I want to help rescue others..all I can do is pray..let’s all pray for everyones safety..


Yo guys, a lot of us have been affected pretty badly by the typhoon. Please, please, please help us out! You can donate through Red Cross.

And if you live in the Philippines, there are a load of places you can drop off your donations, including Ayala Malls and the following schools: Poveda, LSGH, Ateneo, St. Paul Pasig, UA&P, Holy Spirit, UP and Enderun.

Please reblog this and get it around! Your prayers and positive thoughts would be really great too. :)

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PRAY FOR THE PHILIPPINES. Thoughts and prayers go out to the flood victims throughout the country. Keep safe, fam.


PRAY FOR THE PHILIPPINES. Thoughts and prayers go out to the flood victims throughout the country. Keep safe, fam.

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Classes were suspended, once again. 

Classes in Muntinliupa were suspended since Monday / 080612 until now and until tomorrow. Hello to a 5 day vacation! But I’d be so rude calling it a vacation knowing a lot of homeless people out there have lives that are at risk right now because of the Philippines’ bipolar weather. 

I’m so blessed for having a strong shelter, enough food supply and people to be with during this time. I know everyone isn’t safe right now, but I’m praying and hoping after all this tragedy, it will all make us all a lot more stronger and better as a person and as Filipinos.

I’m also praying for the police, military rescuers and volunteers for helping save the people affected by the landslides, flood and heavy rainfall.

Hoping tomorrow’s gonna be a better day! ☺

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See that guy wearing white shirt/pink leopard print swimsuit?

He used to be my bestfriend. He was the one who’s been there through everything with me and he helped me to be a better person. Sadly, things have changed and we drifted apart. I tried to be close with him like we used to be, but then it’s just not that anymore.

Last summer, we didn’t really talk that much neither say hi or hello to each other. There was this one time when I invited all my friends to my house and I also invited him. Wala lang…. usually kasi hindi ko na siya iniinvite, cause I know he won’t bother to go rin naman. That’s him eh, that’s Ian.

But then he came. There were a lot of awkward moments when we’d suddenly look at each other or even sit beside each other. It’s like he’s a different person already and he’s not the guy that I used to be with or know. He even talked to me and asked me, “Bati na ba tayo?” and I didn’t even look at him or whatever… and then he left.

One thing I’ve been regretting is that when he texted me this very long apology, I didn’t even bother to reply. I wanted to… but then I didn’t know what to say to him. It’s not his fault kaya kami nagkaganun, I think it’s just because things happened. Maybe God wanted us to be separated and be like that. I remember when we had plans of studying in the same college and him… being my guard. Haha! Sabi niya pa palagi akong sasabay sa car niya kapag uuwi na kami from Ateneo to Alabang. Taray diba, nangarap talaga kami ng Ateneo noon. Hahahaha.

I didn’t make this blog post for nothing. I’m here to say sorry for not having the courage to fix things and make up things with you. You’ve been the best guy friend to me and I’m really happy because of that. Thank you so much for everything, I love you <3

IAN NEEDS A+ BLOOD DONORS FOR HIS PLATELETS. Those who are willing to donate, please TA me asap. Those who are planning to donate but under 18 years old, needs to have the parent/guardian’s signature for the waiver.

Please do pray for Ian Corsame. Please reblog this!

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The Amazing Spider-Man

Finally got to watch the The Amazing Spider-Man yesterday! 08/05/12.

I know I’m a little, not a little, so late for watching this movie! But at least, better late than never!!!

 The Amazing Spider-Man Poster  

I really think this year’s Spider-Man was better than the first ones. Maybe because I was still too young and didn’t understand the story.. 

I seemed to prefer this more maybe because I liked that people starring in it. Specially Emma Stone, and Andrew Garfield!

The movie was really amazing though! I’m really waiting for part 2! 

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WNCAA Season 43 Opening

The 43rd Season of The Women’s National Collegiate Atheltic Association’s Opening Ceremony was held last Saturday, 08/04/12 at the Phil Sports Arena, Ultra.

We were there, of course. Haha.

  • We had our call time at school at 7 am. Then left Beda by around 8:30. I think.
  • Arrived Ultra by 10. I think. Waited for loads of minutes for the ceremony to start. Saw our friends from different schools!
  • The ceremony was actually fun and not boring at all. Thanks to DLSZ for hosting for this year’s season!
  • The opening ended around 2. We left the Arena, went back to school then walked to Town with my teammates.
  • Ate lunch with Ate Pao (too bad Tin left early!) 
  • After eating we went to every store we could be in and window shopped. HAHAHA. (Ganyan talaga pag walang money… :c ) HAHAHAHAHA.
  • Before leaving we went to Mochiko and bought Mochi!!! 
  • Left Town by 5:30. Walked with myself to Alabang Hills cos I didn’t feel like commuting. Haha, kul kid.
  • Stayed at Pergola then went home. 

More details about the Opening here.

Picture-less post, sorry about that. Yes I know I just posted something boring again.

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